Quick Start: Design


The Design functionality in K3 Labs, also known as the Workflow Builder, allows users to create and automate workflows for Web3 applications effortlessly. With a visual drag-and-drop interface, users can connect various functions to design robust and scalable workflows tailored to their specific needs. This guide will walk you through the steps of creating a new workflow using the K3 Labs platform.

Steps to Create a Workflow

  1. Navigate to the Design Page

    1. Log in to your K3 Labs account.

    2. From the dashboard, click on the “Design” tab to access the Workflow Builder section.

  2. Start a New Workflow

    1. On the Design page, a new blank workflow canvas will appear.

    2. Select the functions / templates you need from the Functions tab on the left-hand side menu.

    3. Drag and drop the chosen functions into the Main Workflow Editing Section.

  3. Enter Function Parameters

    1. Click on each function within the workflow canvas.

    2. In the Functions Parameters Section on the right-hand side, enter the required parameters for each function.

  4. Connect the Functions: Connect the functions by dragging the input and output arrows to define the flow of data between them.

  5. Test the Workflow: Use the Verify button located in the top bar to test the workflow and ensure each function works correctly.

  6. Deploy the Workflow: Once verified, deploy the workflow by pressing the Deploy button in the top bar.

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