K3 Stateless Rollup is:

  • Computing service that provides services to other networks or applications.

  • Decentralized network that runs its own validator set and is compatible with any EVM or non-EVM blockchains.

K3 Stateless Rollups like oracles, bridges, rollup watchers, relayers networks, general computation infrastructures, and exploit prevention systems, provide services without being constrained by any particular blockchain. These protocols require an infrastructure for the submission and auditing of the Operators' work, reaching on-chain agreements on arbitrary tasks, and distributing rewards and penalties based on attestations.

The K3 Stateless Rollup Framework allows developers to self-deploy (1) custom computational services over trustless execution environments and (2) a network of Operators that run arbitrary tasks.

Protocols execute compute tasks through the Task Consensus, which validates the task and sends back the result with "Proof of Task". Powered by a modular consensus engine, the scheme allows the execution and validation of any type of service.

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