Quick Start Guide

Welcome to K3 Labs! This Quick Start Guide will help you get up and running quickly with our platform. You have two main paths to begin your journey: Deploy Functionality and Design Functionality. Below is a brief overview of each to help you decide where to start.

Deploy Functionality

The Deploy Functionality allows you to launch your Web3 applications effortlessly. Whether you’re deploying simple functions or full-stack applications, our platform supports code written in familiar Web2 languages, running on decentralized hardware. You can leverage pre-built integrations for storage, SQL, payments, and more, ensuring your applications are ready for the decentralized web. Interoperability with public EVM blockchains is built-in, giving you the flexibility to operate within the ecosystem of your choice.

Design Functionality

The Design Functionality is your go-to tool for creating and automating workflows in the Web3 space. Our workflow automation tool helps you connect internal systems to Web3 in a matter of hours, not days or weeks. With drag-and-drop configurable functions, you can create and launch workflows in minutes using common use-case templates. This feature empowers you to design robust and scalable processes tailored to your specific needs without needing deep technical knowledge of blockchain.

Getting Started

  1. Deploy Functionality: Ideal for developers looking to quickly deploy applications with minimal setup. Start here if you want to see your applications live on the Web3 infrastructure quickly.

  2. Design Functionality: Perfect for businesses and developers aiming to streamline operations through workflow automation. Choose this path if you need to integrate and automate processes efficiently.

Ready to start? Dive into the relevant section of the guide to begin your journey with K3 Labs!

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