Workflow Builder Use Cases

The Workflow Builder in K3 Labs provides a versatile platform for creating and automating a wide range of processes. Here are some key use cases that highlight the power and flexibility of the Workflow Builder:

  1. On-Chain Data Publishing. This workflow allows users and companies to publish data on a blockchain, ensuring the immutability and transparency of critical data. This can be particularly useful for industries that require verifiable and trustworthy data for stakeholders.

  2. Proof of Reserves. Proof of Reserves is an important use case for financial institutions to demonstrate transparency and solvency. By publishing reserve data on-chain, institutions can provide verifiable proof that they hold sufficient reserves to cover their liabilities.

  3. Pull Data from Internal API for Use in a Downstream Process. This workflow is useful for integrating internal systems with downstream processes. By pulling data from an internal API, organizations can automate the flow of information to other systems or processes, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual effort.

  4. Monitor an Asset Price and Send a Conditional Alert. Monitoring asset prices and sending conditional alerts is a common use case in financial services. This workflow helps users keep track of asset prices and automatically trigger alerts or actions when certain conditions are met, such as price thresholds.

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