Quick Start: Dashboard

The Dashboard in K3 Labs is designed to provide users with a comprehensive overview of their projects, deployments, and key metrics. It serves as the central hub for monitoring and managing your workflows and deployments, ensuring you have all the necessary information at your fingertips.

Key Components of the Dashboard

  1. Top Bar

    1. + New Button: Opens a pop-up to create a new Deploy or Design project.

    2. Date Display: Shows today’s date to keep users informed about the current date.

  2. Quick Overview

    1. Live Deployments: Displays the number of currently active deployments.

    2. Paused Deployments: Shows the number of deployments that are currently paused.

    3. Errors: Indicates the number of errors detected in the deployments.

    4. Failed Requests: Displays the number of failed requests across all deployments.

    5. Timeline filter: Data displayed in this section can be filtered based on the timeframe required.

  3. Graphs for Key Information Across All Projects

    1. Requests by Service: A pie chart that breaks down the total number of requests by each service.

    2. Requests Per Day: A combination of bar and line charts showing:

      1. Bar Chart: Number of requests per day on Mainnet and Testnet.

      2. Line Chart: Average response time for the requests.

  4. Deployments List

This section provides a summary of all deployments in one place, making it easy for users to monitor the status and performance of each deployment. It is useful for quickly identifying any issues and managing deployments efficiently. Key fields:

  • Type: Type of deployment.

  • Name: Name of the deployment.

  • Status: Current status of the deployment (e.g., up, down).

  • Request Performance: Metrics on request performance.

  • Latest Run: Date and time of the latest run.

  • Created At: Date when the deployment was created.

  • Last Week Requests: Graph showing the number of requests over the last week in this deployment.

  • Branch Name: Name of the branch being used.

  • Deployed By: Name of the user who deployed the project.

By providing a detailed overview of all your projects and key metrics, the Dashboard ensures that you can manage and monitor your workflows and deployments effectively, keeping track of performance and quickly addressing any issues that arise.

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